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Safe, Ethical, and Sustainable Recycling!


Distribution Equipment

Pole Mount, Pad Mount, and 3 Phase transformers can be received full of oil, or drained. The units are completely dismantled for metals recovery, in our modern, specially designed facility. Reclosers, capacitors, PT’s and CT’s are also processed.

Transformer Oil Recycling & Disposal

Transformer Technologies operates multiple vacuum trucks to remove and transport your used dielectric fluid. At our Salem, Oregon facility, we have installed dechlorination equipment capable of processing oils up to 49 PPM of PCB. The oil is processed until the PCB level is verified to be below 1 PPM, then sold to a variety of end users.

Substation Equipment

Smaller substation transformers are brought directly to our Salem, Oregon facility for dismantling. We can arrange the preparation, loading, and transportation. Larger units are dismantled on site, by our experienced field crews, with resulting materials shipped direct from the site. Oil Filled bushings are brought to Salem for complete disassembly.


Transformer Technologies operates multiple truck and trailer configurations for the efficient movement of electrical equipment and oil. Our drivers are Hazardous Material endorsed for High PCB items.

Disposal of High PCB Level Equipment

In 2010, the EPA issued Transformer Technologies a PCB Commercial Storage Permit. This allows us to consolidate shipments of high PCB equipment and oil to our affiliate TCI of Alabama. TCI is EPA licensed to process any level of PCB contamination.

Unit Failure Dismantling & Inspection

Our field support services can provide systematic, fully documented dismantling of failed units. Smaller units can be brought to our Salem, Oregon facility and dismantled indoors.



What We Live By


All Transformer Technologies employees attend annual task-specific training to insure they meet customer and regulatory requirements. Confined Space Entry, Respirator Usage, Fall Protection, and Lead Paint Awareness are just a few of the topics. In addition, Transformer Technologies has developed proprietary dismantling techniques to minimize fire risk and reduce employee exposure to lead and asbestos.


In 2002, Transformer Technologies brought together the strengths and resources of G&S Technologies and Coleman-Calbag Utility Recovery. G&S Technologies, based in Kearny, New Jersey, has been dismantling transformers and recycling electrical equipment for over 40 years. Coleman-Calbag has almost 100 years of metal recycling know how and has provided transformer salvage and substation dismantling services to utilities and industry for 18 years. With credentials like these, you are assured of efficient, environmentally flawless service!


Full truckloads of scrap transformers arrive at our Salem facility in specially designed equipment to guard against accidental discharge of fluids. Surplus electrical equipment is unloaded and prepared for dismantling. Inside our climate controlled building, trained operators safely and efficiently dismantle the units, eliminating the liability of re-use. Nearly all components are prepared for recycling, insuring the most cost effective method for surplus electrical equipment disposal.


Transformer Technologies’ service keeps your focus where it needs to be: servicing your customers. We transport discarded equipment, provide on-site oil draining and removal, analyze oil at our certified laboratory, and dismantle and remove large transformers. Meticulous recordkeeping insures complete documentation of equipment disposal. All this happens in a way that integrates seamlessly with your ongoing operations.



Public Utility Districts
Investor Owned Utilities
Industrial Facilities
Large Scale Demolition
Hydro-Electric Plants





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call (503) 364-5476 or fill out the following form.

Thank you for your time, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Head Office

4709 Turner Road SE, Salem OR 97317

Tel: (503) 364-5476

Fax: (503) 364-3339


To apply for a job with Transformer Technologies, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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