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Our Work

Public Utility Districts

  Smaller utilities can rely on Transformer Technologies to provide a full range of services, with minimal oversight. We own, or can contract, all equipment required to remove used oil, lift large transformers, and transport equipment to our facilities. Transformer Technologies is happy to bid on any size projects, including removal of one item, disposal of accumulated lots of distribution units, or replacement of substation units.

Investor Owned Utilities

   Large utilities trust Transformer Technologies' field crews to safely work in live substations or generating facilities. We take tangible steps to secure the work area, limiting access to Transformer Technologies employees and select utility employees.
Long-term contracts have been established to provide high financial returns, while retaining our extensive environmental and safety knowledge. Contracts cover both distribution transformers and generating equipment. Our financial strength and significant insurance coverage insure jobs will be completed on time, with minimal risk to your customers.

Government Facilities

   Transformer Technologies is comfortable with the high level of documentation often required at a government run facility. We are well versed at submitting detailed bid packages, for one-time equipment removal or for long-term contracts. Before our field crews enter a facility, all required training records, medical evaluations, and legal documentation can be provided.

Industrial Facilities

   Whether the need is for removal of a single obsolete transformer, multiple units, or related equipment for an entire production line, Transformer Technologies can handle your project. We understand how to work in live production areas and can accommodate any customer's work schedule. Our field crews will work to your health and safety standards at all times.

Large Scale Demolition

   Working with a demolition contractor, or directly with the facility's owner, Transformer Technologies can remove large quantities of transformers and associated equipment. We are experienced working under tight time constraints in environments bustling with demolition activity. Transformer Technologies can test any equipment with unknown PCB levels. Equipment with PCB levels over 50 PPM can safely be handled through Transformer Technologies' partners; G&S Technologies and TCI of Alabama.

Hydro-Electric Plants

   Due to their proximity to bodies of water, hydro electric plants require the utmost in environmental care. Transformer Technologies has the equipment and experience to insure that no oil is spilled or allowed to leak into rivers. Limited access often requires specialized handling equipment. Transformer Technologies has used techniques such as jack and roll, multi pick-point rigging, intermediate shuttling, and in-place dismantling to overcome the unique physicality of Hydro Electric plants.

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